Triangulum provides world class pre-clinical pharmacology services, supporting scientists to accelerate drug development in small molecule, biologics, and RNA-based therapeutics.


Triangulum Biopharma

Biomarker Profiles develops tools/services to discover biomarkers at a faster rate and to help others discover biomarkers.  

Biomarker Profiles

Vanadis Labs is a technology company whose primary focus is in the area of protein chemistry and immunology with an emphasis on surveying products for latex antigenic proteins.  

Vanadis Labs

Koliber Sciences specializes in statistically-guided design of experiments, modeling and advanced data analytics in the field of synthetic biology.

Koliber Sciences

Cascade Biosystem's mission is to provide the world with an easy-to-use, fast, portable and affordable alternative technology for DNA detection.  

Cascade Biosciences

Aomics is developing antibody mediated drug targeting to enhance efficacy of current anti-cancer drugs on the market.


Tinoro is a startup company engaged in the design and manufacturing of breakthrough devices for the medical and research industries.  

Elliptical Therapeutics is developing topical formulations for arthritis pain treatment and transdermal patches for post-operative pain management using non-narcotic drugs.

Elliptical Therapeutics
GPB Scientific

At GPB, which stands for "getting people better" we are working to bring to market a precision liquid biopsy solution that will recover functionally responsive circulating tumor cells.

Exeligen Scientific

Ecofeedstock is a biorefining company dedicated to developing innovative solutions to providing the energy and chemical needs of tomorrow’s economy.  


The mission of Exeligen Scientific is to envision, create, and inspire the highest quality genomic engineering products and services.

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She Analytical

Sandhill Crane Diagnostics is a startup biotechnology company developing affordable and easy-to-use connected medical diagnostics and telemedicine products for use in rural U.S. healthcare settings.

Sandhill Crane Diagnostics

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