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Frequently Asked Questions




What types of research projects can I run at BTNB?


BTNB provides access to many of the molecular tools of modern medicine.  The facility operates at BioSafety Level Two. Researchers can develop disease biomarkers in cell cultures, clone new genes and develop new diagnostic markers, side by side with engineers using 3D printing and the latest automation technology to create the next generation of life science tools. 

Does BTNB get any rights to my research results? 


No, BTNB does not get any rights to your research results.  All intellectual property rights are retained by the researcher or inventor.


How can BTNB help turn my research project into a business?


BTNB offers affordable lab space so you can do your proof of principle experiments before you apply for grants or raise angel funding. We also have an extensive network of scientific and business experts on hand to offer advice on all the steps you need to turn your idea into a viable business.


How do I apply for lab space at BTNB?


BTNB accepts applications at any time.  For more information, please contact Joseph Jackson at or call him at 803-239-7960.


What is the monthly cost for a 1-2 person startup company?


The total monthly cost for a dedicated 10-foot bench is $1500.  This includes a desk, -20C and -80C freezer space, and access to basic lab resources (e.g., DI water and liquid nitrogen) and shared laboratory equipment.  Inquire about additional options for part time access as needed.  



What is the role of the city of Carlsbad?


BTNB was founded in 2013 in partnership with the city of Carlsbad, who saw the need for a local life sciences incubator and has generously supported the effort.  After nearly 7 years, in 2019 we financed our own building, moved from the old location, and expanded the lab to a nearby site at 6076 Corte Del Cedro near Palomar Airport in Carlsbad.  We will always be grateful to the city for helping us get started so that we become self sustaining and independent.  

How do I receive more information about updates, meetings, events and classes?


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